2004 – The 20th Anniversary

 Every doll in this collection is made of bisquit and measure 44 cm in heigh (17.5 inches). For the body’s anatomy I have developed special joints to allow movement. The wigs are made of real hair and te eyes of beautiful hand-crafted glass. The precious, cerimonial clothes in pure silk are carefully handmade and the leather shoes are made in Italy by highly skilled artisans.

From the “Precious” depliant

Every precious detail

I started to plant the first seeds thenty years ago, and every year I have enriched my garden with new seeds. I ould have then settled for watering and checking how my “plants” would grow. many do just this. However, for me planting means to never stop creating, producing, improving.
My mind grows together with my garden, and every year my flowers are blessed with new colours and wonderful gradients.
I look at my newest creations, and I can feel how they are part of myself: the new anatomy of the female body, the careful and accurate painting of face and eyebrows, the gentle shape of the hands.
Stop for a moment and notice every precious detail.
These are my dolls, already in my heart of hearts.